Our Story

Founder and Executive Director, Philicia Turner, lives every day in passionate service, lifting up  moms and children in our communities.

Philicia’s  28 grandkids and great grandbabies are not the only ones to call her Granny. Families from  her church, the  local non-profits she has volunteered and worked with over the last 7 years, and the medical center she worked with 30 years prior, also lovingly refer to Philicia as Granny or Auntie P. 

Auntie P’s grandmother, Goldie, was the matriarch of their family. Goldie taught her family to support and not judge one another. She told her children that they don’t see what their mom has to do to put food on the table and “you will show no disrespect to your mother”. The family of 10  was always together on Sundays in the one room home built by Papa on land he purchased for $500 at $5 a month.

Goldie’s teachings spanned generations as each family member has grown up with deep values to  support  each other and all those around them.