Board members

  • Philicia Turner

    Founder, Executive Director, Community Health Worker

    Hello, my name is Philicia Ingram Turner.  I'm the 4th grandchild of Goldie & John Ingram, 1st child of Henrietta Ingram, and proud wife of 50 years to John Turner. I am a mother of 4+ wonderful children, grandmother to 18, and great grandmother to 15. My mom raised the 5 of us kids and we witnessed her work her entire life to provide for us. We never knew we were poor. After all, we were the first family in the projects to have a color TV (a piece of colorful plastic mom taped around the TV).

    We grew up in South Dallas, home of true Bontonians! My mom raised us to work hard, be independent, and to always be truthful.

    Bigmama (Goldie) instilled in us to always be respectful and to support each other. She modeled for us how to appreciate everything we are gifted.

    I have worked in serving others as far back as I can remember. My careers have been a Preceptor for Children's Medical Center, a Lab Technician, Phlebotomist Instructor, Certified Medical Assistant, Community Health Worker, and Mental Health First Aid Assistant. I have also cared for dementia patients and served as House Mother for a women's-and-family-shelter.

I've been honored with the Patient Support Award at Children's Medical Center and humbly received recognition for my works as Volunteer Manager at Carter's House Non-profit. I was recently honored as Volunteer of the Year in 2022 from Empowering the Masses!

It has been a great privilege and joy to serve my community the way Bigmama taught me. I look forward to serving alongside you as we lift our sisters up in love through Goldie's Support Chain.

  • Olicia Day

    Secretary, Financial Director

    My name is Olicia Day and my ministry is serving. I have always wanted to be a vessel of God to do the work. To work behind the scenes and get things done. I’m willing to pave the pavement to help those that are not in a place in life to help themselves. A Christian that sees the vision and implements it. Life is a choice. So my choice is to bless those whose choices have led them to a place of need.

  • Kenneth Prox

    Vice President

  • Kimberly Gore


  • Ericha Prox


Team Members

  • Kristen Ramos

    Administrative Director

    Kristen Ramos is a passionate wife and mother. She loves teaching and leading her kids with her husband. Her family enjoys worshiping God and praising Jesus, participating in leadership and character development, and spending time with friends and facetime with family. Giving back to moms and children is incredibly important to Kristen because her life's trajectory changed when others helped her as a single woman and as a mom. She believes women are the crown of creation, precious, and deserve respect.

  • Karana Turner

    Fundraising and Event Coordinator

    Karana Turner is a hardworking, dedicated and caring mother, daughter, and sister. Karana was born and raised in Dallas, TX and is the mother of a 14 year old daughter. She was in childcare for 15 years and has been in food service and mental health for 10 years. Karana is the owner of AJ’s Catering Creations. She volunteers in the community and is always ready and willing to help whenever needed.

  • Nikki Turner

    Fundraising Coordinator

  • TaVonna Mays

    Resources Coordinator and Social Media Specialist

    TaVonna Mays is a caring and compassionate mother, daughter, and sister who loves to serve God and his people. Born and raised in Flint, MI, TaVonna has now claimed Dallas as her second home. Amid her relocation to Texas, she faced some harsh challenges becoming a single mother. By God's grace, she was able to overcome her struggles with the help of her family and those dedicated to serving. Today, she is too dedicated to serving as many as she can.

    Community Health Worker Certification

    Social Media

  • LaToya Muhammad

    Technology and Social Media Coordinator

  • Ayumi Tamaru

    Marketing Developer

    Ayumi Tamaru is the treasury secretary of Beam Media Corporation. Beam Media is a software company focused on offering Saas (Software as a Service) products to better serve small/medium and local businesses. Beam Media provides the tools any business needs for a delightful digital experience through our networks and communities.

    Ayumi loves volunteering in the community. She has experience with ISDs, Churches, and other nonprofit organizations for more than 10 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area.

    Ayumi is from Japan. She loves to share her culture with the people and communities, as well as loves to learn other cultures and languages. She lived in multiple countries and cities throughout her career.  These experiences have helped her vision of business and support of other businesses' needs.

  • Rodney Fobbs

    Marketing Developer

    Rodney is the founder of Beam Media, which is a software company focused on building Saas systems in the Fintech space.

    He currently manages business operations for Surge Debit Card and multiple vendor applications.  He previously served as Managing Partner with Velocity Technology Systems where he led enterprise deployment of ServiceNow.

  • Brittany Turner

    Program and Resource Coordinator

    My name is Brittany Turner. I am very honored and excited to be a part of Goldie’s Support Chain! A little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Dallas, Tx. I am the first and oldest granddaughter of “Ms. P”. I am currently going to school for my BS in Psychology with a concentration of Mental Health. I love helping and giving back to the community. I am looking forward to helping out whenever I am needed. To support GSU means a lot to me. Being able to work on my granny side is definitely phenomenal!

  • Kristin Harper

    Volunteer Coordinator

    Kristin comes to Goldie’s Support Chain after nearly 15 years with AmerisourceBergen and currently Shiftkey where she serves as a quality assurance specialist.  She brings a diversity of skills, experiences and administrative support to the team.  Kristin is driven by a passage of scripture Matthew 25:35-36 to help others who are in need and make a lasting difference in people’s lives.  Kristin and her husband are active in their church and stay busy spending time with their five grandchildren.

  • Shawana Carter

    Parent Support Group Leader

    Budget and Fundraising Support

    Shawana O. Carter is the Founder and Chief Hope Dealer of Carter’s House, an entrepreneur, and an advocate for low-income parents and children.

    Shawana is a purposeful optimist who believes in the power of a smile. She is committed to leaving a positive impact on all she encounters.